Establishing Liability in a Maryland Multiple Vehicle Truck Accident

When most people think about car accidents, they usually assume that a crash takes place between two parties. Sometimes, however, car accidents can often take many forms and levels of complexity. In some cases, crashes can involve multiple parties and it can be unclear who is at fault, how to establish fault, or even how the accident took place. This is especially the case in Maryland truck accidents, which often end up in chain-reaction collisions.

According to a recent news report, a five-vehicle accident left one person dead. The crash took place when a car was heading west and the driver veered into an eastbound lane and collided with a propane truck. Upon impact, the propane truck rolled over and crashed into at least two other vehicles and caught on fire but did not explode. Local authorities reported that the driver of the initial vehicle that crashed into the propane truck died at the scene, the propane truck driver was transported to a local hospital, and the condition of the other drivers remained unknown.

Maryland, like many other states, has specific laws on how to determine fault in car accidents involving multiple parties and a complicated chain of events. When it comes to establishing liability, Maryland law uses joint and several liability, which allows for there to be more than one cause of a car crash.

What Is Joint and Several Liability?

Joint and several liability also better protects victims of a multiple vehicle accident because it can often be challenging to establish which impact resulted in a particular injury for a plaintiff. Joint and several liability in Maryland makes each defendant responsible for the entire verdict, even if they were only partially at fault. Maryland defendants who pay more than their share of the verdict can then sue the other defendants involved in the case and force other defendants to pay a larger share of the contribution if successful.

Joint and several liability under Maryland law also protects victims because if one of the defendants is unable to pay, the plaintiff could pursue the remaining amount of damages from another defendant or defendants. This is often an important step toward ensuring that Maryland victims are able to receive the compensation they deserve following a major accident.

Although multiple vehicle accidents are more complicated than traditional car collisions, potential plaintiffs should not be intimidated by the increased complexity of pursuing a legal claim. In fact, with the right representation and an experienced personal injury attorney, recovering compensation from a multiple vehicle car accident can be less daunting.

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