Navigating Maryland Truck Accident Crashes Caused by Drug-Impaired Truck Drivers

Although DUI crash statistics often focus on the use of alcohol, Maryland DUI crashes can also be caused by the use of drugs. A DUI offense in Maryland includes driving while impaired by a drug, combination of drugs, a combination of one or more drugs and alcohol, or while impaired by a controlled dangerous substance. This includes prescription drugs or controlled substances taken for medicinal use. Drivers who operate a vehicle while under the influence of drugs may be liable for any resulting injuries or damages. And while traffic decreased due to the pandemic, crashes involving alcohol and drugs increased. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that in a study of five hospitals between March 2020 and July 2020, almost two-thirds of seriously or fatally injured drivers tested positive for at least one drug.

Does a Drunk Driver Need to Be Convicted of a Crime for Victims to Pursue a Personal Injury Case?

No, victims in a Maryland DUI truck accident may be able to recover financial compensation through a personal injury claim, even in a case where the truck driver was not convicted of a crime for driving while under the influence. The standard for proving a civil case is not as high as in a criminal case and only requires that a plaintiff proves the case by a preponderance of the evidence. Still, evidence of a driver’s conviction in criminal court may be useful evidence in a civil case against the driver.

After any crash, victims should seek medical attention and meet with a lawyer as soon as possible in order to have the case evaluated and to understand what steps to take to protect their rights and preserve relevant evidence. In general, a plaintiff in a civil claim based on the driver negligently driving under the influence of drugs will need to prove that the driver had a duty towards the plaintiff, failed to meet that duty by acting or failing to act in some way, caused the plaintiff’s injuries, and the plaintiff suffered damages.

Truck Driver Arrested for Driving Under Influence of Drugs After Crash

A tractor-trailer crash involving the influence of drugs shut down part of I-95 on a recent Friday morning. According to one news source, investigators indicated that the driver was arrested and charged with operating under the influence of drugs, driving to endanger, as well as unlawful possession of methamphetamine. The driver was reportedly operating a tractor-trailer containing Pop-Tarts and Cheez-Its and the driver went off the right side of the road, rolled onto its side, and stopped partially blocking the right line of the northbound side of the highway. The driver was arrested and jailed at a local jail.

Baltimore, Maryland Attorneys Representing Truck Accident Victims

A Maryland truck accident victim should consult with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The Maryland injury attorneys at Lebowitz & Mzhen have over twenty years of litigating accident claims in the Baltimore area. They guide clients through the legal process and provide them with competent counseling along each step of the way. The legal team at Lebowitz & Mzhen works closely with medical experts to evaluate claims and aggressively pursue compensation for their clients. Call them today at (800) 654-1949 or contact them online today to set up a free, no-obligation consultation.


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