Fiery Tractor Trailer Collision in College Park

A seven mile traffic slowdown was the result of a huge tractor-trailer fire that happened following a collision near the exit to Route 1 by the I-95 merge with the inner loop late last month.

Police reported that the collision was caused as a result of another car somehow entering the tractor-trailer’s path, causing the truck to crash into an unattended car. The tractor-trailer then caught fire almost immediately, as did the disabled car.

Firefighters reportedly struggled for three hours to completely extinguish the flames. The fire completely decimated the tractor-trailer, with its cargo, cardboard, and wooden palettes, apparently having served as fuel for the fire. The unattended vehicle also suffered substantial damage as a result of the fire. Miraculously, the driver of the truck was not injured, and there were no other reported injuries.

This case is another example of how the damage endured as a result of a car accident can be greatly magnified when a truck becomes involved. Although details surrounding this particular collision are sparse, it appears that the way the truck made contact with the abandoned vehicle was such that the force immediately ignited a fire. It is unclear whether a fire would have started had this been a two car collision, rather than a truck- car collision.

Additionally, although the details surrounding the collision may differ from the initial reports, it appears as though the car who pulled out in front of the tractor-trailer may have been the cause of the accident, rather than the truck driver. If this is the case, then although the collision with the truck actually caused the physical damage, the owner of the disabled vehicle may be able to go after the driver of the other car for the property damage suffered. The truck driver or his employer may also likely have a claim, if the driver of the other car negligently caused the collision.

A successful car accident claim can result in an award of compensation for the injured party’s medical expenses, lost wages and for the injury itself. The injuries associated with car accidents can be severe, and include things such as broken bones, torn ligaments, and soft-tissue injuries from whiplash. Sometimes, the full extent of these injuries will not surface until weeks or months after the collision has occurred. An experienced accident attorney will advocate on your behalf in order to ensure that past, present and future medical expenses and lost wages will be covered.

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