Truck en route to Maryland Farm involved in Bridge Collision

According to officials, late last month, a tractor-trailer carrying a load of corn oil to a farm in Maryland crashed into a bridge over the Conestoga River in Pennsylvania, resulting in a small spill of motor oil into the waterway.

The accident happened mid morning on Route 741. While facts surrounding the collision itself are sparse, it has been reported that the truck driver somehow crashed into the bridge in a single vehicle collision. The driver had to be removed from the truck by emergency crews, who additionally began providing treatment, as the driver drifted in and out of consciousness. The extent of the driver’s injuries were not reported.

The impact from the collision caused the truck’s engine block to leak approximately eight gallons of motor oil onto the roadway, which firefighters, and later a hazmat crew worked to clean up. Surprisingly, the truck’s tank, which was carrying corn oil for a Maryland Farm, was intact following the accident.

This story, though it did not involve a collision with another vehicle, demonstrates the potential hazard that can occur following any truck crash. Due to the sheer size of trucks, when they crash into things, whether other vehicles (or in this case a structure), they can do massive damage. This is one of the reasons that truck drivers are notoriously taught to be vigilantly looking ahead at all times, anticipating any potential obstacles, since their braking time is much longer than a conventional vehicle.

In many cases, an accident is rarely truly blameless, oftentimes at least one driver is at fault.

Trucking accidents are not like accidents involving other types of vehicles. In Maryland, commercial drivers are held to specific commercial standards. A violation of those rules may be enough to hold a driver liable if something goes wrong while they’re out on the road.

Driver fatigue is one of the main causes of trucking accidents. Because truck drivers are professionals, they are required to adhere to specific federal and state safety regulations, including the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Additionally, federal standards set limitations regarding how long commercial drivers are allowed to drive within a certain period of time, and how many hours of rest must elapse between trips. When drivers violate these requirements by driving for too many hours without enough rest, they put themselves and others at risk. Sometimes trucking companies will even offer incentives to drivers who complete deliveries more quickly, implicitly encouraging them to violate federal guidelines. When this occurs, drivers and their companies should be held financially accountable for the damages they cause.

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