FMCSA Web Site Publishes 2007 Preliminary Truck and Bus Crash Facts

Preliminary statistics for the number of injuries resulting from truck accidents in the United States in 2007 have been published on the US Department of Transportation Web site.

According to the data source Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS), in 2007 there were:

• 54,961 injury crashes involving large trucks resulting in 80,752 injuries.

• 6,709 bus accidents resulting in 15,297 injuries.

These figure indicate an increase in truck accident injuries compared to the year prior. According to the MCMIS 2006 truck accident injury statistics, there were:

• 60,058 large truck collisions resulting in 90,087 injuries.

• 6,811 bus accidents resulting in 16,044 injuries.

The Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) says that: in 2006:

• 4,995 people died in 4,732 large truck accidents.
• 331 people died in 299 bus accidents.

• In 2007, large truck accidents resulted in 4,808 fatalities.

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2007 Preliminary Crash Facts

US Department of Transportation

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