NHTSA Reports 41,057 Motor Vehicle Deaths in 2007

The NHTSA is reporting a decline in overall traffic fatalities in the US between 2007 and 2006. According to its 2007 Annual Assessment of Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Fatalities and People Injured, the drop in total deaths from 42,708 deaths in 2006 to 41,059 fatalities in 2007 to was a 3.9% decrease. The report also reported a decline in the number of motor vehicle injury victims, from 2,575,000 injuries in 2006 to 2,491,000 injury victims in 2007.

Other 2007 US Traffic Accident Statistics:

• 28,933 passenger vehicle deaths.

• 2,221,000 passenger vehicle injuries.

• 802 large trucker deaths.
• 23,000 large trucker injuries (The same number of reported large truck injuries as in 2006).
• 4,808 killed in large truck accidents.

• 5,154 motorcycle deaths—an increase from the 4,837 motorcycle fatalities in 2006.

• 103,000 motorcycle injuries—an increase from the 88,000 motorcycle injuries in 2006.

• 4,654 pedestrian deaths
• 70,000 pedestrian injuries
• 698 pedalcyclist deaths
• 43,000 pedalcyclist injuries
• 12,998 Drunk driving-related deaths
Motor vehicle accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries for the victims as well as cause a great deal of pain, suffering, and loss for family members. For many auto accident victims, it can be difficult to determine what action to take next to take care of yourself after a crash. Do NOT reach a settlement agreement with the negligent parties without exploring your legal options.

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