How Maryland Pedestrians Can Remain Safe When Traveling on Foot

Everyone knows that before crossing a street, especially when you are at a busy intersection, checking left, then right, and then left again is the best practice to maximize your safety as a pedestrian. What happens, however, when a driver is speeding, does not see you, or runs a red light? Pedestrians are particularly vulnerable when crossing the street but can be particularly powerless when drivers are negligent or reckless. Thus, it is important for Maryland pedestrians to understand what common causes of pedestrian accidents are so that they can remain vigilant and avoid them the best they can.

According to a recent news report, a county bus crashed into a woman while she was crossing the street. As investigators still work to piece together what happened during the collision, initial reports say that the woman was walking in the crosswalk as the bus was making a left-hand turn. The woman was then struck by the bus and was pronounced dead on the scene. Local authorities have been unable to identify if the woman works or lives in the area and are working to get in contact with coworkers or family members of the woman. As the accident remains under investigation, police are urging drivers and pedestrians to pay more attention to their surroundings. Authorities plan to analyze surveillance cameras to determine what led to the collision and to identify who in fact had the right of way in this accident.

Although pedestrian accidents can take place for a number of reasons that may not always mean that the driver is at fault, many times they happen because of negligent or reckless maneuvers executed by drivers. Left-hand turns, distracted driving involving talking on a cell phone or texting, impaired driving, speeding, rolling stops, and inexperienced drivers are all common reasons why accidents involving pedestrians take place.

Sometimes, drivers also fail to yield the right of way while driving. In Maryland, drivers have a responsibility to and are required to exercise due care and use proper precautions to avoid hitting pedestrians. It is encouraged, for example, for drivers to use their horns to warn pedestrians of the vehicle’s presence if necessary. Pedestrians in Maryland have right of way when walking across the street, on a crosswalk, and while following traffic signals. If a Maryland pedestrian is crossing a marked crosswalk, Maryland law requires that a vehicle come to a complete stop to allow the pedestrian to cross safely.

What Are the Most Common Injuries in a Maryland Truck Accident?

Depending on the speed at which the vehicle is moving when the accident takes place, accidents involving pedestrians most often result in significant injury or in particularly severe cases, even death. Because pedestrians are often completely unprotected when they are struck by cars, common injuries can range from minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises, to broken bones and fractures. Head injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, are also quite common.

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