Liability After a Left-Turn Accident in Maryland

Left turns are one of the most dangerous driving maneuvers a motorist can make on the road. Although liability often turns on the person making the left-hand turn, there are certain situations where the left-hand driver may not be responsible for the accident. However, regardless of liability, Maryland left-hand turn accidents often result in serious injuries and property damage. After a left-hand turn in a car or truck accident, victims or their loved ones should contact an attorney to discuss their rights to compensation.

How Common Are Left-Turn Accidents in Maryland?

The Maryland Department of Transportation reports that over 50% of all accidents in the state involve a collision between a vehicle making a left turn and an oncoming vehicle. Most of these accidents occur at an intersection and often involve a driver engaging in some negligent driving. The most common reasons for left-hand turns include:

  • Speeding motorists
  • Misjudging the distance and speed of oncoming traffic
  • Failure to yield the right-of-way
  • Failure to signal before turning

Under Maryland’s Transportation Code, motorists making a left turn must approach the lane to the extreme left before making the turn. Moreover, drivers must follow the flow of traffic and make sure to follow all traffic rules. While these rules are clear, liability is not always as straightforward.

Further, there are certain situations where the left-turning driver may not be at fault for the accident. For instance, the driver may not be responsible if :

  • The left-turning driver has an arrow giving him the right of way
  • The oncoming driver runs a stop sign or a red light
  • The traffic light is malfunctioning
  • The left-turning driver is involved in an accident causing them to become stuck in the intersection

These cases pose many challenges, and it is essential that drivers who were involved in an accident while making a left-hand turn contact an attorney to develop a compelling and legally sound case. This is especially critical when the accident results in a fatality and the victim cannot testify to how the accident occurred.

News reports described a recent accident involving a dump truck and a driver making a left-hand turn. A sedan driver was making a left turn when a dump truck traveling westbound slammed into the sedan. Tragically, the sedan driver died at the accident scene, and his passenger died shortly afterward. The oncoming dump truck driver was wearing a seat belt and did not suffer any injuries.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Maryland Truck Accident?

If you or someone you love has suffered injuries or died in a truck accident, contact the Maryland truck accident attorneys at Lebowitz & Mzhen. Truck accidents, especially those involving left-turns, can have disastrous consequences on injury victims and their families. Our firm provides clients with individualized strategies to ensure that they recover the damages the law entitles them. Our lawyers also handle Maryland personal injury cases involving premises liability, defective products, and medical malpractice. Contact our office today at 800-654-1949 to schedule a free initial consultation with a dedicated and experienced attorney on our legal team.

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