Vehicle Brake Failure Could Result in a Maryland Product Liability Claim

Large vehicles, especially commercial trucks, are often more susceptible to car accidents because of their size and the dexterity required by drivers to operate them. Because they require more space for turns, backing up, or just generally traveling along any stretch of road, accidents can take place for a variety of reasons. If the truck driver cannot see you because of the size of the truck, or if the vehicle is operated negligently, for example, the likelihood of an accident is amplified.

Sometimes, however, mechanical failures that have nothing to do with a truck driver’s negligence or lack of care can take place and result in major accidents. When these mechanical or structural failures happen, they can be deadly when combined with a negligent truck driver operating tricky road conditions.

According to a news report, a dump truck collided with two cars, which led to three people being transported to a local hospital for treatment. Images from the scene show that the truck careened downhill and violently crashed into a stone wall before coming to a rest on the other side of the wall. The truck had extensive frontal damage.

In addition to the steepness of the stretch of road where the accident took place, local authorities also reported that prior to the collision, the dump truck’s brakes failed. The local highway patrol also noted that there have been a series of accidents over the years in the area blamed on brake failures, which can send trucks flying down particularly steep roadways. The accident remains under investigation.

If a product fails to perform correctly and has injured people or their property in Maryland, you may have grounds to bring a products liability claim against the manufacturer of the product in question. Among the most common types of defects that exist in products, manufacturing flaws and design defects are the most prevalent.

When a product was manufactured incorrectly, not according to reasonable or typical specifications, or in a way that a reasonably prudent manufacturer would have, it may be considered a manufacturing defect. If a product has an inherently flawed design that was manufactured properly but the product design itself is the cause of danger or injury, this could provide grounds for a design defect claim.

When Is a Company Financially Responsible for a Defective Product?

In Maryland, individuals who pursue products liability lawsuits must prove that the product was flawed or defective when it left the manufacturer, that the product was unreasonably dangerous and caused the individual’s injuries, and that no alterations or changes were made to the product prior to it reaching the consumer.

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