Maryland Motorists Should Be on the Lookout for Vehicles Parked on the Shoulder

Motorists confront a variety of dangers on Maryland highways. A significant number of these hazards have to do with the many semi-trucks or other large commercial vehicles that seem to be a permanent fixture along the I-95 corridor, the Beltway, and the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

While the dangers presented by large trucks number too many to count, one of the most unrecognized hazards arises when a truck driver has the need to pull over onto the shoulder of the road. A Maryland truck driver may need to pull over for many reasons, including a blown tire, shifting cargo, or some other equipment failure. Truck drivers may also pull over if they feel too drowsy to safely operate a truck. Whatever the case, when a semi-truck pulls over onto the side of the highway, it can present a serious danger for passing motorists.

Included in the duties of a Maryland truck driver is the responsibility to safely operate the rig at all times. This includes parking a truck on the side of the highway. Except in cases of an emergency, truck drivers must only pull off the road in designated areas. Moreover, truck drivers must ensure that they are completely off the road, and not blocking any lane of travel. A driver’s failure to take these basic precautions may result in a serious Maryland truck accident.

At the same time, motorists who are parked on the road’s shoulder for a valid reason should be careful of passing trucks. Semi-trucks and other large vehicles often have a difficult time staying in their lane, and may drift into the shoulder on occasion.

Two-Truck Collision Seriously Injures Driver

Earlier this month, two semi-truck collided as one passed another that was pulled off on the side of the road. According to a local news report, a semi-truck that was carrying produce got two flat tires and pulled off onto the side of the road. A service truck arrived and was assisting the truck driver as another semi approached. The approaching semi-truck briefly drifted onto the shoulder, hitting the parked truck. The driver of the passing truck was hospitalized with serious injuries. The other truck’s driver was uninjured.

Authorities began an investigation into the accident, and believe that the passing semi-truck was at fault based on the positioning of the two vehicles. Charges are pending the outcome of the investigation.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Truck Accident?

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