Maryland Rear-End Bus and Truck Accidents

Almost everyone learns about the dangers of rear-end accidents while learning to drive. Following another vehicle too closely while driving can lead quickly to a crash if the front vehicle has to brake or slow down for any reason. Depending on the speed of the vehicles, these rear-ending accidents can be serious, perhaps even fatal, or nothing more than a “fender-bender.” When the accidents involve a bus or truck—very large vehicles—the damage might be worse due to their size or the number of people on board. In fact, Maryland rear-end accidents involving buses or trucks can, and often do, lead to serious harm.

For example, take a recent school bus accident. According to a local news article, two school buses were involved in a crash late last month, leaving seven students with injuries. Two of the students were even sent to the hospital. The crash occurred when one of the buses rear-ended the other at a stop sign. The incident is still under investigation, and it is not clear exactly how many students were on the buses, but the crash is an example of the risk rear-ending bus or truck accidents pose to Maryland drivers.

However, despite their risks, these types of accidents can actually be one of the easiest to recover from financially. Almost all Maryland bus and truck accidents happen in an instant, out of nowhere, and many of them leave those impacted confused about what exactly happened. Individuals often report afterward that the whole thing is a blur—one moment everything was fine and the next moment there had been an accident. The lack of clarity around what happened in these accidents also leads to a lack of clarity about who was at fault, which is often the first thing most people want to know. This can make it difficult for those injured in the accidents to recover financially in a personal injury lawsuit because they do not know who to bring suit against. However, with rear-end accidents, there may be more clarity. Basic rules of the road dictate that drivers should not follow too closely behind other vehicles, in case they suddenly brake or slow down.

Are Rear-End Drivers Always Responsible for an Accident?

Oftentimes, when someone rear-ends someone else, they are the ones at fault—for following too closely, for failing to notice that traffic was stopping, texting while driving, etc. Of course, this may not always be true, but generally, plaintiffs in Maryland truck or bus accident lawsuits may find that it is easier to prove that the defendant caused the accident in this type of situation, as opposed to the many situations where the cause is completely unclear.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Bus or Truck Accident?

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