Maryland Truck Accidents Caused By Rental Trucks

Everyone who has ever driven on a highway in Maryland knows that the cars there share the road with many different trucks and buses. Maryland highways are common along the routes for truck drivers, which unfortunately means that they see more than their fair share of Maryland truck accidents. While most people who think about Maryland truck accidents think about semi-trucks driven by experienced truck drivers, an accident may be even more likely when an individual who does not usually drive a truck rents and drives one while they are moving, for example.

For example, take a recent crash that occurred earlier this month. As reported by a local news organization, a large moving truck attempted to make a U-turn when it got stuck. The driver hit the gas in an attempt to get the truck unstuck but unfortunately lost control of the vehicle. The moving truck struck two cars and was on its way to collide with a pickup truck when, fortunately, the man on the back of the pickup truck saw the truck coming and jumped out of the way with moments to spare. He saw the moving truck hit his pickup truck and was grateful that he avoided what would have likely been a fatal crash. Fortunately, no one was killed in this accident.

This truck accident illustrates the risks posed by moving trucks or other rental trucks. While truck accidents are already far too common in Maryland, most truck drivers have years of experience driving large vehicles and understand how to operate something that size on the road. In contrast, individuals driving rental moving trucks may have extremely limited experience driving large vehicles and may find themselves unable to control the vehicle, to successfully make a U-turn or something else of that sort. Unfortunately, this may make them a risk to other drivers on the highways.

Can Drivers of Rental Trucks Be Held Financially Accountable for a Victim's Injuries?

Maryland truck accidents can be extremely serious, and in some cases, even fatal. And when a driver in a rental truck was responsible, they may find themselves liable for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses through a personal injury lawsuit. These lawsuits are available to individuals who are injured in truck accidents across the state and allow financial recovery. While nothing can undo the physical damage that these accidents do, many Maryland families express gratitude for the ability to recover financially, which can take the stress off of them as they work on recovering physically and mentally.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Truck Accident?

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