Maryland Residents Injured While Riding Buses, Trucks, or Trains May Be Entitled to a Remedy

Public transportation is becoming more and more popular for Maryland residents. Buses and trains offer many benefits—they are cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, and lessen the stress some may feel navigating Maryland highways. These forms of transportation are typically safe for passengers, but like any means of transportation, there are risks involved, and these vehicles do occasionally get involved in Maryland traffic accidents. Some passengers may find themselves injured after riding on a bus or train and may be wondering if there is any path to recovery.

For instance, take a recent accident from mid-August. According to a local news report covering the incident, a man in his early 60s was exiting the back of the bus when the door closed on his arm. As a result of his arm being stuck in the door, he fell to the ground, suffering a hip injury. Fortunately, the injury was not life-threatening, but hip injuries can be quite costly, painful, and inconvenient at that stage of life.

Following incidents such as this one, it is important for Maryland residents to know that they may have a path to recovery. Maryland state law was developed to provide those injured by someone else’s negligence, carelessness, or mistakes the option to file a personal injury lawsuit. Typically, these lawsuits must prove four things: 1.) the defendant owed a duty of care to the plaintiff, 2.) the defendant breached that duty of care through a specific act or an omission, 3.) the defendant’s breach caused the injury or incident, and 4.) the plaintiff suffered real harm as a result.

In the incident described above, for example, the injured man may be able to sue the bus company, seeking to prove that they knew (or should have known) that the door was faulty and prone to closing on people’s arms but that they failed to warn passengers, fix the door, or provide assistance exiting the bus. This failure led to the hip injury, causing real damage in the form of hospital bills and pain and suffering. This unfortunate example is a prime example of a potential lawsuit. But filing suit is not easy—there are many procedural steps and requirements, and the process may, at times, be overwhelming. Because of this, plaintiffs are encouraged to consult with a personal injury attorney before filing a lawsuit.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Bus, Truck, or Train Accident?

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