What is the Government’s Liability for Maryland Crashes Occurring at Intersections Known to Be Dangerous?

Generally, after someone is injured in a Maryland truck accident, they will first look to hold the other drivers involved in the accident responsible. However, in accidents involving a single vehicle or even in crashes involving multiple vehicles, state or local governments may also have some liability based on their responsibility to maintain the roadway, particularly in cases involving intersections or other conditions in the roadway that are known to be dangerous.

State and local governments are responsible for keeping roads in a reasonably safe condition for everyone traveling on the road. In a case based on a dangerous condition on a roadway, the plaintiff generally must show that there was a dangerous condition that existed, that the government knew or should have known about the dangerous condition, that the government knew about the condition for long enough to address the condition or warn the plaintiff, that the government had a duty to act, and that the government’s failure to act caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

In some cases, a government may be immune from liability depending on the circumstances of the case. However, in Maryland, state and local governments generally can be held responsible if there is a dangerous condition on the roadway and if they had actual or constructive notice of the dangerous condition and failed to properly address it. In these circumstances, injured persons normally can file suit against the government for its failure to maintain roads in a reasonably safe condition.

Truck Crashes into Gift Shop at Intersection with Several Similar Crashes

One news source recently reported a crash at an intersection that has had several similar crashes in the past two years. The recent crash involved a truck whose brakes gave out as it descended into the town, reportedly causing the brakes to catch on fire. The truck went through the intersection and crashed into a gift shop in town, injuring the driver.

Another truck driver was killed in a similar crash at the very same intersection just two years prior. Three other trucks have also crashed at the intersection since that time. There were also reports of three other similar incidents in which the trucks’ brakes failed at the intersection but which did not result in any damages. Government officials are reportedly working on addressing the issue by increasing signage and completing a truck ramp and a brake check. This type of historical crash data may be an important part of a claim against a government entity.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Truck Accident?

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