Maryland School Bus and Charter Bus Accidents

Each day, thousands of students ride Maryland school buses to and from school. For the most part, these trips are short and uneventful. However, each year there are a significant number of Maryland school bus accidents. While most of these accidents involve low speeds and do not result in serious injury to the students, that is not always the case.

Student Killed in Bus Accident on the Way Home from Championship Football Game

Earlier this month, a fatal bus accident in Arkansas claimed the life of one student and injured 45 others. According to a local news report, the accident occurred on an empty highway at around 2:40 in the morning.

Evidently, the bus was carrying a youth-football team that had played a championship game earlier that weekend. The bus departed from Dallas, Texas and was traveling back to Memphis Tennessee. After the accident, the driver of the bus told police that she lost control of the vehicle as it drifted off the side of the road. Once off the roadway, the bus rolled over onto its side. One nine-year-old boy died from the injuries he sustained in the accident, and 45 others were injured. Most of those on board the bus were children; however, there were a few adult chaperones.

Liability in Maryland Bus Accidents

Each Maryland bus accident is different, and determining which parties should be named in a lawsuit depends heavily on the type of bus involved, where it is traveling, who is on board, and the purpose for the trip. Matters can be even more complicated if the potentially liable party is a government entity or if the injured party (or their parent) signed a liability release waiver.

In general, the potentially liable parties in a Maryland bus accident often include the driver of the bus and the company that owns the bus. In addition, the school district that contracted the bus operator’s services may be liable under a theory of vicarious liability. However, if a school bus is owned by the school district, and operated by a district employee, then the school district could be liable under a theory of primary liability.

It is essential that anyone who has been injured in a Maryland bus accident reach out to a dedicate Maryland personal injury attorney to discuss their case because each case is unique.

Have You Been Involved in a Maryland Bus Accident?

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