Maryland Trucking Accident News: Family Vacates Home following Garbage Truck Crash in South Baltimore

Apparently trucking accidents can occur anywhere, even when you’re family is supposedly safe at home. That’s what happened not long ago when the driver of a trash collection truck apparently lost control and slammed into the front of a South Baltimore home. As a Maryland personal injury lawyer, I have helped many people following the aftermath of semi collisions and tractor-trailer crashes on our highways and surface streets.

Although most truck-related crashes involve other vehicles, this particular accident caused massive damage to a family’s home. It is only by shear luck that no one was seriously injured in the incident. Accidents involving large commercial vehicles can range from minor abrasions, to deep cuts and bruises, contusions, neck and spinal damage, or traumatic brain injuries.

According to reports, the family who house was damaged did receive help from the city, who owns and operates the garbage truck that hit the structure. The city’s housing commissioner was told by the mayor to do “everything possible to help this family.”

In response, the city reportedly moved the family into a hotel, which is in Towson and too far from work and school for the family, which doesn’t own a car. There is apparently no close bus line which the parents can use to get to work, and their five-year-old grandson can’t easily get to school, which is located back in their Southwest Baltimore neighborhood.

Still the damage to the home is estimated at $30,000, according to news reports. In fact the structure itself had been boarded up and at the time of the reports was condemned. Based on initial reports, the garbage truck peeled away the front brick and the actual front of the home is mostly gone. The house has been boarded up and condemned.

Only time will tell if this family gets their home back in its original condition and can resume their lives with as little upset as they already have experienced.

City Helps Family After Home Hit By Trash Truck Reporting,, March 3, 2010

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