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Everyone knows that before crossing a street, especially when you are at a busy intersection, checking left, then right, and then left again is the best practice to maximize your safety as a pedestrian. What happens, however, when a driver is speeding, does not see you, or runs a red light? Pedestrians are particularly vulnerable when crossing the street but can be particularly powerless when drivers are negligent or reckless. Thus, it is important for Maryland pedestrians to understand what common causes of pedestrian accidents are so that they can remain vigilant and avoid them the best they can.

According to a recent news report, a county bus crashed into a woman while she was crossing the street. As investigators still work to piece together what happened during the collision, initial reports say that the woman was walking in the crosswalk as the bus was making a left-hand turn. The woman was then struck by the bus and was pronounced dead on the scene. Local authorities have been unable to identify if the woman works or lives in the area and are working to get in contact with coworkers or family members of the woman. As the accident remains under investigation, police are urging drivers and pedestrians to pay more attention to their surroundings. Authorities plan to analyze surveillance cameras to determine what led to the collision and to identify who in fact had the right of way in this accident.

Although pedestrian accidents can take place for a number of reasons that may not always mean that the driver is at fault, many times they happen because of negligent or reckless maneuvers executed by drivers. Left-hand turns, distracted driving involving talking on a cell phone or texting, impaired driving, speeding, rolling stops, and inexperienced drivers are all common reasons why accidents involving pedestrians take place.

Sometimes, even the most careful and safe drivers experience unavoidable risks while on the road. After all, there is only so much a safe driver can do if others are negligent when operating their vehicles. Although negligence from other drivers can take on many forms, one of the most dangerous is when a driver’s negligence leaves obstacles or hazards on the road that are not immediately clear to drivers in oncoming traffic. Because this negligence can lead to often fatal accidents and consequences, those who are responsible must be held accountable.

According to a recent news report, a fatal tow truck accident left a mother of four dead and several others severely injured. Local authorities reported that the driver of a flatbed tow truck experienced a mechanical issue and stopped in the right lane of the interstate. The tow truck driver ended up getting a ride from someone else and abandoned his vehicle where it had stopped. Officials also reported that the tow truck driver, at the time that he was driving, was operating his vehicle on a suspended license. Later, a separate driver crashed into the abandoned tow truck, which killed his wife and severely injured both his 14 and nine year old daughters. Following the crash, both vehicles came to rest in a ditch. The accident remains under investigation.

Although unexpected emergencies can take place without warning, safety officials recommend that drivers pull onto the shoulder when their vehicle comes to a stop. Rather than simply stopping in a lane with active traffic when your vehicle experiences low gas, a flat tire, or other mechanical issues, it is best to get off the active road to keep yourself and others safe.

Winter weather has been a part of east coast life this season for at least a couple of months. Along with the danger and inconvenience posed by the cold weather and frigid wind chills, the advent of winter weather also greatly increases the road risks in the beltway region. Snow, Ice, and freezing rain all affect the ability of drivers to safely see the roads and control tier vehicles, especially at highway speeds. A recently published news article discusses a rollover accident involving a pickup truck, which demonstrates that these winter driving dangers are multiplied further when large vehicles are involved, especially when they are not equipped for traveling on winter roads.

According to the facts discussed in the news report, a winter storm created hazardous conditions on an interstate near a major city on the eastern seaboard. While municipal crews were working to clear an accident involving a pickup truck on one side of the highway, another truck slipped off the road on the other side, striking a barricade and rolling onto its side. No injuries were mentioned in the report, however, a traffic camera recording of the incident shows how easily the result of the crash could have become tragic.

Drivers are responsible to maintain their vehicle in a reasonably safe condition to drive in the road conditions that are present at that time. When winter weather strikes or is anticipated (especially if a warning is issued), drivers should be prepared to travel safely. To safely prepare for winter conditions, drivers should consider keeping traction devices (such as tire chains) in their cars and installing them when needed. Studded winter tires also greatly improve traction on dangerous roads. Drivers with rear-wheel drive vehicles, such as many pickup trucks, must be extra careful to avoid high speeds and use four-wheel drive if available.

The roads are often more crowded than usual during the holiday season as people travel to visit family and friends. However, this can also lead to more accidents, and, unfortunately, deaths from these incidents. When a loved one is killed in a trucking accident, people may feel like they have no recourse. In Maryland, a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed against the responsible person to hold them accountable for their actions—and the impact it has had on the deceased’s loved ones. Below is information on how to bring a wrongful death lawsuit in Maryland, along with all its requirements.

Recently, a family of three was killed when their car collided with a tractor-trailer truck. The tractor-trailer was headed south in the center lane, and the family’s car was headed in the same direction in the inside lane. The tractor-trailer then changed lanes and entered the inside lane, and the truck crashed into the car. All three people in the car were pronounced dead at the scene.

In Maryland, a wrongful death is one that results from an act that would have entitled the deceased to bring a lawsuit and recover damages against the responsible party if the death had not occurred. In these instances, the deceased’s loved ones may bring a lawsuit against the individual who caused the accident. These loved ones may include the deceased’s spouse, parent, child—if the deceased does not have one of these individuals to bring the suit, it can be brought by anyone who substantially depended upon the deceased before their passing.

Last week, Maryland experienced one of the biggest storms the state’s seen in years. While the snow was a welcome sight for some, for those who had to drive in the snow, it also presented some very serious dangers. In fact, according to a recent news report, three people were killed in a Maryland snowplow accident in Montgomery County.

Evidently, the collision occurred around 6:45 p.m. on Columbia Pike at Briggs Chaney Road in the White Oak/Burtonsville area, near the Burtonsville Volunteer Fire Department Station. While the details surrounding the accident are sparse, authorities told reporters that three people were killed and a fourth was taken to the hospital. An investigation is ongoing, and police have not yet determined who was at fault for the fatal accident.

Snowplows present an obvious hazard for anyone driving during inclement weather conditions. While snowplows often drive at slow speeds, they can also be unpredictable. Snowplow drivers also have a difficult time seeing other motorists and may inadvertently cause an accident. Thus, drivers must constantly be on alert when driving around these vehicles.

Many people in Maryland and the surrounding area use public transit for daily commuting and occasional travel. While transit may appear to be a safe form of transportation, accidents involving Maryland trains or tracks can result in disastrous consequences. A Washington Post poll indicated that nearly 20% of Maryland area residents use transit to get to work, and almost 90% use Metrorail occasionally. As the country continues to see improvements in overall health and safety, there will likely be an increase in public transit. While some legislators are concerned with improving roads, it is equally essential to consider transit.

Although train accidents are not common, they tend to result in severe injuries and property damage when they do occur. A significant number of train accidents happen because of:

  • Unmarked railroad crossings

Most trucks that are on the road are transporting goods on behalf of a company. In the event of a Maryland truck crash, an employer may be liable for damages that result from the crash. Generally, to hold an employer responsible for the acts of an employee in control of a truck at the time of a crash, the employee must have been acting within the scope of their employment. This is true even where an employer itself did nothing wrong. In Maryland, an employer can be sued even when the employee has not been sued. Employers can often bear a financial loss more easily than an individual and many believe they should be held accountable for the actions of their employees.

In the recent trucking crash case of a Colorado truck driver, the district attorney in the case is now seeking review of a truck driver’s 110-year sentence in the fatal crash. The truck driver was sentenced to 110 years in prison after a fatal crash in 2019 that killed four people after his brakes failed. The driver’s brakes failed when he was driving downhill before crashing into cars that were stopped due to another accident on the highway. Prosecutors argued that the driver acted recklessly and should have used a runaway truck ramp on the side of the highway.

The lengthy sentence was imposed because the state requires certain sentences to be served back to back. The judge said he would not have imposed the sentences back to back if he had a choice. Millions of people signed a petition asking that the sentence be reduced or that the state’s governor grant him clemency. The petition states that the accident was not intentional and the driver should not be held responsible. The Court will review the motion and the Governor’s office said it is also reviewing the petition.

Accidents tend to bring out the rawest emotions of anyone involved, especially when the crash involves large vehicles or young children. These types of Maryland auto accidents cause the most devastating consequences. Relative to other modes of transportation, school buses tend to be safe; however, it is not without their risks. In addition, Maryland injury lawsuits involving school buses pose unique challenges to claimants and their families.

School bus accidents can occur because of a variety of reasons. In some cases, the accident stems from inclement weather, poor road conditions, or defective vehicle parts. However, most crashes involve driver error and negligence. School bus drivers who fail to operate their vehicles safely put passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians at risk for serious injuries or death. In addition, other motorists who do not abide by traffic rules may put school bus occupants and children boarding or deboarding a bus at risk.

For example, authorities arrested an 87-year-old driver with vehicular manslaughter, gross negligence, and felony hit and run after colliding with a bus. According to reports, several students were on their way home after being dropped off at a bus stop when the driver rear-ended their school bus. The driver then slammed into a speed limit sign, and four of the children who were walking on the shoulder. Police report that there is no paved sidewalk near the bus stop. Three of the children suffered serious injuries, and one 9-year-old girl died.

When unexpected accidents occur as a result of another party’s negligence or recklessness and result in injury, you may feel overwhelmed or unsure of where to start. Understanding the basics of how to move forward on a personal injury claim can prepare you for any situation that results in an injury or death—no matter what life unexpectedly throws at you.

According to a recent news report, a man stole an unoccupied school bus and struck more than a dozen parked cars before he was apprehended. After stealing the bus, authorities subsequently tracked it moving through multiple precincts before taking the man into custody. Before he was stopped, the man struck 15 to 20 parked vehicles along the way, as well as a building. One witness stated that the man crashed into every single car on a block he passed through. The man also repeatedly rammed into a car repeatedly while trying to get away. After the man was apprehended, local authorities reported that he had at least 12 prior arrests, including robbery.

Following an unexpected incident such as the one described above, you may not know exactly how to proceed if you suffer an injury from a similar accident or event. One of the options you should consider is filing a personal injury lawsuit, which could potentially get you monetary compensation for your injuries and any resulting property damage from the accident.

Auto accidents, especially those involving trucks, often have severe consequences such as significant physical injury or even death. When truck drivers are also careless while operating their vehicles, it can mean even greater consequences for those they share the road with.

According to a recent news report, the family of a woman killed in a truck crash was awarded $730 million following a successful wrongful death lawsuit. The deceased was killed in a car crash when a truck hauling a propeller for a U.S. Navy submarine collided with her vehicle. The jury awarded the family $480 million, along with another $250 million in punitive damages. The $730 million total verdict made this wrongful death suit the largest single fatality case in the history of the United States. According to an attorney on the case, the jury felt especially compelled to award such a significant amount in compensation because of the level of severity of the conduct and negligence involved in the case.

In Maryland, similar wrongful death lawsuits are available to potential plaintiffs who are bringing claims on behalf of an individual who died as a result of another party’s accidental or intentional actions. Similar to regular personal injury claims, wrongful death lawsuits may be brought based on another party’s negligence or intentional conduct.

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