Risks and Implications of Maryland Truck Accidents

There are many populous cities in and around the Maryland region, and traffic can be brutal and congested. The busy metropolitan cities are home to many businesses that rely on transportation companies to deliver their goods. With the rise in online purchasing and same-day delivery, transportation companies are now beginning to face potential competition among them. This new competition-driven system has resulted in an influx of trucking accidents in the state.

There are many reasons that trucking accidents occur in Maryland. Some of the top causes of trucking accidents and trucking-related fatalities are truck driver inexperience, trucking malfunction, jackknifing, and truck driver fatigue. Out of all of these common causes, truck driver drowsiness and fatigue is arguably the most dangerous. In fact, a recent study revealed that although medical professionals recommend at least 7-8 hours of sleep for an adult, many truck drivers get less than five hours of sleep. This is clearly insufficient when they are in control of such large and dangerous vehicles.

As mentioned above, competition between trucking companies is so fierce that many times trucking companies demand their drivers to make delivery goals that are potentially unsafe. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has lenient standards that allow drivers to drive up to 11 hours in one day without stops. This number translates to almost 70 hours in just over a week’s time. In order to ensure job security, truck drivers may feel compelled to violate these requirements. In some cases, truck drivers may even take illicit substances to ensure that they are awake. However, many of these substances lead to drivers who are less alert and aware of their surroundings. The combination of strict delivery times and fatigued drivers can only lead to a deadly result.

California Truck Driver Causes Multi-Vehicle Accident; Fatigue Thought to Be a Contributing Factor

According to a California news report, a truck driver caused a massive multi-vehicle accident near a major California highway. Apparently, investigation results revealed that the truck driver was drowsy and was nodding off while he was proceeding along a construction area on the highway. He caused an accident right where the road began to narrow. Evidently, a total of seven additional vehicles were involved, and some drivers and passengers suffered injuries. State Troopers have not disclosed whether any charges have been pursued.

Have You Been Injured in a Trucking Accident in Maryland?

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