Truck Accidents Caused by Spilled Cargo

Truck accidents are dangerous for many reasons, not the least of which is the potential havoc that can be wreaked when a large truck crashes into smaller vehicles or pedestrians. In fact, most accidents involving large trucks are exactly this type of accident, in which a truck collides with a smaller vehicle or a pedestrian, many times after the driver fails to notice the other person. However, another type of truck accident can occur when a truck’s cargo spills onto the highway, causing a serious hazard for passing motorists.

By now, readers of this blog are aware that truck drivers all have a duty to those with whom they share the road to safely operate their vehicles. And, as discussed above, most victims of truck accidents are those with whom the truck physically collided. However, what readers may not know is that truck drivers and their employers can also be held liable for damage or injuries caused by the truck’s cargo being spilled onto the road.

Tanker Truck Crashes, Spilling Over 8,000 Gallons of Fuel

Earlier this month, a single-truck accident in Des Moines, Iowa left thousands of gallons of fuel spilled near the highway. According to one local news report covering the accident, the truck was heading westbound on a state highway when witnesses say the truck driver lost control of the rig. After losing control, the truck rolled several times, eventually coming to a complete stop in the median.

As the truck came to a rest, it became clear that the tank it was towing was compromised. The tank began leaking diesel and gasoline into a nearby storm drain. Thankfully, a good Samaritan pulled the truck driver from the wreckage before any more serious injuries resulted. The driver was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

It is important for those injured in a trucking-cargo accident to note that trucking companies may also be liable for improperly secured cargo. For example, if a truck accident is caused by the shifting of a truck’s cargo, that may be a basis for the truck driver’s or the trucking company’s liability. To learn more about trucking accidents, contact a dedicated trucking accident attorney.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Truck Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been injured in any kind of Maryland truck accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for all that you have endured. Keep in mind that there are many types of truck accidents, and fault may not be readily apparent in the moments after the accident. In many cases, an in-depth investigation must be completed before any theory of liability becomes apparent. To learn more about Maryland truck accidents and the laws that govern these claims, call the Maryland and Washington, D.C. personal injury law firm of Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers at 410-654-3600. Calling is free and will not result in any obligation on your part unless we are able to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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