Serious Truck Accident Temporarily Shuts Down Southbound Lanes of Interstate 81

Earlier this week, at around 3:25 in the afternoon, a serious collision occurred at the 1 mile marker on Interstate 81 near the Maryland-West Virginia state line, resulting in traffic delays.

According to the Maryland State Police, a car was traveling southbound and suddenly lost control for an unknown reason, striking the center guardrail before coming back across both lanes and hitting a Mack truck.

The driver of the car was flown to the Shock Trauma Center for treatment by helicopter. The driver of the Mack Truck and his passenger were transported to a local medical center by ambulance.

The southbound lanes of Interstate 81 were shut down for a period of time in order for the helicopter to be able to land. One lane remained closed for two more hours as the investigation of the accident continued. The incident remains under investigation, and charges are reportedly pending.

While the exact cause of this accident remains unknown, or at least unreported, there are several potential scenarios which can lead to a car suddenly losing control.

Perhaps one of the most common of these is distracted driving. This occurs when a driver becomes temporarily distracted from the main task at hand (that is, driving) for almost any reason. Potential distractions include things such as children or passengers in the car engaging the driver, changing the radio station, or most infamously handheld cellphone usage.

Talking on a handheld cell phone is against the law in Maryland. Effective beginning in October, officers will be able to ticket drivers for texting or talking on their handheld devices. Some sources have claimed that texting while driving is actually more dangerous than driving while under the influence (which is also illegal).

If you are involved in a car or trucking accident, one of your first priorities following the accident should be to contact a knowledgeable Maryland personal injury lawyer. This is particularly true if you have been seriously injured. It is integral that you begin to preserve all of the necessary evidence to help you prove your case should it go to trial. If you were injured, seek medical attention for your injuries as soon as possible, ideally right after the accident, if you need treatment.

Following an accident, when a person requires transportation from the accident scene by way of ambulance, or if one of the vehicles involved in the collision needs to be towed from the scene, the local police will typically issue a police report. The police report will provide a summary of the way the accident occurred and will identify the relevant parties and witnesses. In addition to this report, it is also important that you gather your own information at the accident scene. If possible, you should take pictures. Many drivers keep disposable cameras in their glove compartments for this purpose. Additionally, by law, you are required to exchange contact information with the driver of the other vehicle, which is another valuable piece of information.

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