Slowed Highway Traffic Creates Major Hazard for Sleepy or Distracted Bus Drivers

One of the most common causes of rear-end accidents on Maryland highways is when an unaware driver encounters slowed traffic. Most drivers assume that when they are traveling on the highway during non-rush hour times that traffic will continue to move at a quick and reliable pace. However, whether due to road construction or an unrelated accident, traffic patterns are unpredictable and can slow down at any given moment.

While an unexpected slowdown can catch any motorist off guard, distracted or sleepy drivers are especially at risk for causing an accident in these conditions, due to their lack of awareness.

German Bus Accident Claims 18 Lives, Dozens of Others Injured

Earlier this month in Bavaria, Germany, 18 people were killed and many others seriously injured when a bus rear-ended a truck that had slowed down for upcoming traffic in an early morning accident. According to a national news source covering the tragic accident, the bus was carrying 48 people, mostly seniors, at the time of the accident.

Evidently, the bus inexplicably collided with the truck and immediately burst into flames. Nearly 200 emergency responders arrived on the scene in the following minutes, but they were unable to approach the bus for several minutes, due to the intensity of the flames. The only passengers who survived were those who were able to immediately evacuate the burning bus. The driver of the bus was among those who died in the accident.

Investigators told reporters that visibility was good, and the roads were dry at the time of the accident. The accident remains under investigation.

Maryland Truck Accident Cases

While this accident occurred in Germany, it is an extremely tragic example of what occurs often on Maryland roads. Truck and bus drivers too often get behind the wheel when they are too tired to safely operate a vehicle. All commercial drivers are required by state and federal laws to obtain a certain amount of rest each day and between long trips. Furthermore, drivers must keep track of their hours in a daily driving log, which may be subpoenaed in truck accident cases. If a truck or bus driver fails to get the required amount of rest, that may be evidence of negligence, which can be used to hold the driver – and potentially their employer – responsible for any injuries caused in an accident.

Have You Been Injured in a Truck or Bus Accident?

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