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One of the most common causes of rear-end accidents on Maryland highways is when an unaware driver encounters slowed traffic. Most drivers assume that when they are traveling on the highway during non-rush hour times that traffic will continue to move at a quick and reliable pace. However, whether due to road construction or an unrelated accident, traffic patterns are unpredictable and can slow down at any given moment.

While an unexpected slowdown can catch any motorist off guard, distracted or sleepy drivers are especially at risk for causing an accident in these conditions, due to their lack of awareness.

German Bus Accident Claims 18 Lives, Dozens of Others Injured

Earlier this month in Bavaria, Germany, 18 people were killed and many others seriously injured when a bus rear-ended a truck that had slowed down for upcoming traffic in an early morning accident. According to a national news source covering the tragic accident, the bus was carrying 48 people, mostly seniors, at the time of the accident.

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Earlier this week in West Texas, several inmates and correctional officers were killed when the bus that was transporting the inmates slid off an icy road and crashed into a passing train. According to a report by the local Fox affiliate, the fatal accident occurred on Interstate 20 about 16 miles southwest of Odessa at around 7:30 in the morning.

Evidently, the bus was carrying a total of 15 people:  12 inmates and three correctional officers. Ten people died in the accident, eight of whom were inmates and two of whom were correctional officers. Those who were injured in the accident remain in critical condition.

According to the report, the road conditions were very icy that morning, which caused the bus to slide off an overpass, down an embankment, and then into the passing train. The two employees on the train were not injured in the accident.

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Earlier this week, a bus headed south from New York City was involved in a fatal accident near the Maryland-Delaware border. According to a report by USA Today, the accident occurred on an exit ramp onto northbound Route 13 from Route 1 near Red Lion, Delaware.

Evidently, the southbound bus was in the process of negotiating a tight turn when the driver lost control of the bus, triggering the fatal bus accident. The bus was attempting to make the teardrop-shaped loop onto Route 1 around 4:20 in the afternoon when the accident occurred.

No one on board the bus escaped without injury. Two people died as a result. One of the deceased was found trapped under the bus. Several others were trapped inside the bus. In total, 48 passengers were injured. Maryland State Police loaned Delaware authorities helicopters to help get the victims medical care as quickly as possible.

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Last week, ten people lost their lives in Orland, California, when a Fed Ex truck crossed the center median of the highway and got into a head on collision with a bus full of high school students on their way to visit a northern California university. According to a story by the Huffington Post, the bus was head north from Los Angeles to Humboldt State University, when it was involved in the tragic truck accident.

Once the two vehicles collided, students, counselors, and chaperones all tried to escape the bus before it caught fire and eventually exploded. Most of the 44 aboard made it out of the bus alive, however, nine aboard the bus did not. The driver of the Fed Ex truck was also killed in the accident.

The bus was taking low-income, high-achieving high-school seniors on a trip to visit the college campus. Two other busses from the Los Angeles area arrived safely at Humboldt State.

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School bus and charter bus accidents happen with greater frequency than most people may suspect. Here in Maryland and across the United States, the tragic results of fatal traffic collisions involving buses can many times be magnified due to the ability of these large commercial vehicles to carry a great number of passengers. Furthermore, the opportunity for a highway or in-town bus accident is increased due to the fact that these large vehicles can be difficult to control under some kinds of adverse driving and weather conditions.

As Maryland personal injury lawyers, I and my colleagues are trained to help victims of car, truck and motorcycle wrecks recover damages resulting from injuries sustained in a traffic accident caused by another driver. When it comes to injuries or death resulting from a traffic-related accidents, the victim or his family should seriously consider retaining the services of a qualified car accident attorney, if only to understand their legal rights following such tragic mishaps.

Because most bus designs entail a high center of gravity, the dynamic stability of these huge commercial vehicles is nothing like that of a standard passenger sedan or sports model. With a rather tall overall height, charter buses in particular have a remarkably high center of gravity; when combined with their greater mass, these large vehicles can pose a real challenge to control in an emergency, even for the most experienced and professionally-trained drivers.

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