The Dangers Maryland Students Face When Boarding a School Bus

Every parent is nervous the first time they send their child to school on the school bus. School buses are generally known to be safe for students. However, accidents can happen while students are on the bus, but also while they are approaching the bus. In fact, students are most at risk of being involved in a Maryland bus accident when they are getting on or off a school bus.

These days, all school buses are equipped with additional safety features such as swinging gate arms or deployable stop signs that bus drivers can use to warn other motorists that students will be getting on or off the bus. Of course, these signals are not recommendations, and drivers must not pass a stopped school bus, or drive around a lowered gate arm. However, whether it be because they are in a rush or because they are not paying attention, too many drivers ignore school bus drivers’ signals and try to navigate around buses as they drop off or pick up students, putting children at great risk.

In most situations when a child is struck while getting on or off the school bus, the driver that struck them is responsible. However, in some situations, the bus driver may also bear some responsibility. In either case, injured students and their families can pursue a Maryland personal injury case against all potentially at-fault parties. It is important to keep in mind that the student’s own potential negligence may come up as a defense to their claims.

Woman Who Struck and Killed Three Students Found Guilty of Reckless Homicide

Earlier this month, a woman was found guilty of reckless homicide after she caused an accident that killed three students last year. According to a local news report, the woman passed a stopped bus and struck three children who were crossing the road to board the bus. Another child was serious injured.

At the time of the early morning accident, the road was dark and the woman told authorities that while she saw the flashing red lights, she never saw a bus or the lowered gate arm. Evidently, there was a semi-truck behind the bus, making it difficult for her to see it. The woman’s sentencing is scheduled later this year; she could serve up to 21 years in jail if given the maximum on each charge.

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