Truck Driver Is Investigated Following Deadly Train Accident

Late last month, a train accident involving an Amtrak train and a garbage truck killed one and injured several others. According to a recently released news report, investigators have turned their attention to the driver of the truck, who witnesses say was “snaking” his way around the descended railroad crossing gates in the moments before the fatal collision.

At the time of the collision, the train was traveling at approximately 60 miles per hour. One passenger in the truck was killed, the driver of the truck was seriously injured, and several others on board the train were also injured. Several lawmakers on board the train, as well as a doctor accompanying the lawmakers, jumped into action and attempted to provide medical care to the injured.

Evidently, several republican lawmakers had chartered the train to take them from Washington, D.C. to an annual retreat in West Virginia. The route taken by the train was one that was not normally active for passenger trains and was used primarily for freight trains.

Authorities investigating the accident believe that locals who live in the area are accustomed to the railroad gates descending for long periods of time, only to see a slow-moving freight train eventually pass. Thus, the investigation has focused on whether the driver of the garbage truck attempted to evade the descended gates. Authorities are attempted to download the camera footage from the front of the train.

The Importance of a Thorough Investigation Following Serious Maryland Truck Accidents

Maryland truck accidents can be results of many causes, which may not be readily apparent absent an in-depth investigation. For instance, on its face, the accident discussed above may seem to have been caused by the truck driver attempting to evade the descended railroad gates. However, the camera footage has yet to be released and may tell a different story.

It is not uncommon in Maryland truck accidents for witness accounts to differ significantly from objective evidence, whether video, photographic, or scientific. This is due less to the conscious biases of the witnesses than to the unreliability of observations made during high-stress, adrenaline-fueled moments. For that reason, a dedicated Maryland truck accident attorney knows not to necessarily take the word of a single eyewitness and to dig deeper in search of the truth.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Truck Accident?

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