Truck Safety: Staying Safe While on the Highway

If you have been paying attention to the headlines recently, you will have noticed a trend of more and more semi-truck wrecks in the news. For whatever reason, it seems as though this year more than others there is an increasing number of serious or fatal accidents involving large trucks.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently published a report stating that in 2012 over 3,500 people lost their lives in accidents with big trucks. The vast majority of the fatalities were other motorists, rather than the truck drivers themselves. In fact, truck driver fatalities represented only 17% of the total fatalities. While trucking companies like to place the blame on other drivers, it is certain that many of these accidents are the fault of the truck driver or the truck company. That does not mean that drivers should not take precautions while on the road, however.

A recent article by Consumer Affairs has taken the issue of highway driving head-on, publishing a “how to” list of things motorists can do to be safe while sharing the road with big trucks.

  • Keep in mind that trucks have large blind-spots. Generally, these are located behind the truck and on the left and right sides of the truck mid-way back. Staying clear of these areas reduces the risk that a truck driver will not see you.
  • Don’t draft. Some motorists believe that they can save gas by pulling up close behind a truck and having the truck’s draft “pull” the motorist’s car. This is extremely dangerous because you are in the truck’s blind spot and cannot see what is ahead of the truck.
  • Remember it takes semi-trucks a long time to come to a complete stop. A fully loaded truck can take over 100 yards to come to a complete stop. Avoid cutting a truck off or doing anything else that will require the driver to make a sudden stop.

Of course, motorists can only do so much when it comes to truck safety. The onus to ensure a safe truck and a safe trip resides mostly on the truck driver and the trucking company that employs the driver. It is these parties who are responsible to ensure that the truck is in safe operating condition and that the driver follows all state and federal regulations regarding his or her load, as well as rest requirements.

Have You Been Injured in a Semi-Truck Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been injured in a semi-truck accident in Maryland, you may be entitled to monetary compensation based on the driver’s negligence. However, the truck driver’s insurance company, and also the trucking company’s insurance company, will likely not give in without a fight. Therefore, it is recommended that anyone involved in a serious truck accident should consult with an experienced Maryland truck accident attorney before proceeding with a case. Click here, or call 410-654-3600 to schedule a free initial consultation with an accident attorney today.

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