Two Semi-Trucks Collide on the Bay Bridge, Resulting in Spilled Fuel and Delayed Traffic

Earlier this week, two tractor trailers got into an accident in one of the westbound lanes of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. According to a report by the Baltimore Sun, the two trucks were “wedged” into one another, although luckily both trucks remained upright throughout the incident.

Traffic was delayed for about three hours while emergency crews cleared the bridge of the two trucks. A team was also called out to clean up some spilled fuel from one of the trucks. One of the truck drivers was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, and he is expected to recover.

Shortly before the accident officials instituted a wind restriction on the bridge due to winds that were gusting up to almost 50 mile per hour. The restriction was aimed at semi-trucks and tractor-trailers without heavy loads, because the wind could potentially blow the large, lightweight vehicles into guard rails or out of their lane of travel. It is unknown whether either of the trucks involved in the accident were subject to the restriction; however, at the time of the articles publication, authorities were still investigating the accident.

Failure to Obey Roadside Warnings May Be Evidence of Negligence

In the semi-truck accident above it is probably too early to tell who was likely at fault. Moreover, there were thankfully only minor injuries. However, that will not always be the case. Oftentimes semi-truck accidents are extremely serious resulting in permanent injury or death.

If either of the two trucks entered the bridge without a full load—contrary to the warning—that may be used as evidence of negligence in a civil trial for damages. In fact, whenever any driver disregards a posted warning and causes an accident, the fact that the driver was warned may play into the jury’s decision about that driver’s negligence.

Other common warnings on the road that should always be complied with are:

  • Signs warning of an upcoming curve and suggesting a maximum speed;
  • Signs warning of potential ice on the road;
  • Signs warning of especially strong crosswinds; and
  • Signs warning of odd or unique upcoming traffic patterns.

When drivers don’t pay attention to the rules of the road, the chance of them causing an accident skyrocket. If you have been involved in a Maryland truck accident, you may consider speaking to an experienced attorney about your options.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Truck Accident?

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