Woman Killed When She’s Struck By Semi Truck While Changing Her Tire on the Highway

Earlier this week in Utah, a young woman was killed when she was struck by a semi truck as she was on the side of the highway changing a flat tire. According to a report by the local CBS affiliate, the woman was on the side of a major highway in the emergency lane when both her and her friend were struck by a semi truck. Apparently, there was no damage to the car, which led some to the conclusion that the two friends were pulled towards the semi truck by the suction created as it passed at a high rate of speed.

Police are currently investigating the accident, trying to determine how far the woman had pulled off to the side of the road and also how far into the emergency lane the truck driver crossed.

The young woman was pronounced dead at the scene. Her friend, who was also hit by the semi truck, is still in the hospital in critical condition. The latest update is that doctors are trying to save his arm, which was broken in three places.

Maryland Semi Truck Accidents

Due to the bustling Maryland economy and the state’s location along the eastern seaboard, Maryland sees a high volume of semi truck traffic; higher than many other states. Because of this, Maryland also sees a large amount of semi truck accidents, ranging from underride accidents, to pedestrian accidents, to drunk driving or groggy driving accidents.

In the case above, the semi truck did not even hit the actual car, which does lead to the conclusion that the suction created as the truck whizzed by pulled the young woman under the truck. Although this may sound odd at first, the force created by a semi truck speeding by at 60 or 70 miles per hour is enormous and can actually pull an adult under the truck.

Of course, if a driver gets a flat tire, the best thing to do it to try and make it to the next exit. However, sometimes that is not possible. In these cases, the driver should ensure that he or she is as far over into the emergency lane as possible. In addition, the use of road flares is a good idea to warn upcoming drivers.

However, sometimes, despite all the precautions in the world, a driver cannot prevent a truck driver from crossing into the emergency lane. This can result in either a direct impact, or in the motorists getting sucked under the semi truck as it passes. In these cases, the blame is on the semi truck driver who was inattentive in crossing into the emergency lane.

Have You Been Involved in a Maryland Semi Truck Accident?

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