Understanding Maryland Truck Accident Lawsuits

Truck accidents are often devastating when compared to accidents that take place between just passenger vehicles. This is often because when a truck is involved in an accident, it is usually larger in size, heavier in weight, and harder to control by the truck driver when compared to a passenger vehicle. This often results in an increased chance of property damage, significant injuries, or death to those involved.

According to a recent news report, an accident involving a U-Haul truck and a state department of transportation safety vehicle resulted in a serious accident. The state transportation safety vehicle was present on the road at the time to keep workers working on construction nearby safe. Based on an initial investigation, local authorities believe that the driver of the U-Haul was distracted in the moments before it crashed into a safety vehicle. As the accident remains under investigation, it remains unclear whether anyone was injured in the accident or if any charges will be filed.

Who should I consider as defendants in a truck accident case?

Following a truck accident, it can often be a confusing and complicated situation figuring out who exactly to bring a personal injury lawsuit against. Although your first instinct may be to sue the truck driver as an individual, it may actually be more strategic to also sue the company that employed the truck driver or even the manufacturer of the vehicle itself. Who you bring suit against ultimately depends on specific circumstances surrounding your collision and how it took place. Sometimes, potential plaintiffs are advised to sue more than just the truck driver as an individual, because the truck driver may not have much to offer the potential plaintiffs in terms of compensation. Other times, bringing the truck company that employs the truck driver is essential to the case because the company has agreed to indemnify, or be responsible for, the truck driver’s actions.

In some circumstances, the truck company is brought into the suit as a separate defendant in addition to the truck driver because it acted negligently in the hiring, training, and scheduling of the truck driver. If the trucking company was requiring the truck driver to meet prohibitively tight deadlines and thus responsible in part for an unsustainable driving schedule that could lead to drowsiness or distracted driving, the trucking company could be held liable for breaking laws protecting truck drivers against these measures.

Do You Need a Maryland Truck Accident Lawyer?

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