Common Causes of Maryland Truck Accidents

Because trucks are often the largest and heaviest vehicle on the road, they are also frequently involved in devastating accidents. If you are the driver of a smaller passenger vehicle, or even an SUV, you may have actively attempted to avoid or pass trucks on the road for fear of getting into an unexpected accident. These fears are unsurprising. After all, trucks are involved in thousands of accidents that result in significant injuries and fatalities each year for a variety of reasons.

According to a recent local news report, a man died after a tractor-trailer accident. Troopers on the scene reported that the driver of the tractor-trailer ran a red light and turned into an intersection, which caused him to crash into two vehicles that had the right of way. One of the vehicles that was struck, a Jeep, was hit on its right fender after it swerved but was able to get out of the way. The second vehicle, a Chrysler, was struck on the left side and swung off the side of the road. The driver of the Chrysler was transported to a local hospital, where he died from his injuries. The accident is still being looked into by local authorities and Maryland State Police Crash Team investigators.

Because trucks are so heavy and take up so much space, many people may not be adequately trained to properly drive or operate them. Truck drivers have to operate their vehicles with additional care, especially because trucks can often take up more space, move at faster speeds, and require the control and dexterity of an experienced driver to avoid an accident or tipping over when turning. Truck drivers also have to be good at ascertaining risk when exiting shopping centers or parking lots, since it takes longer for the entire length of the vehicle to make it onto the road and join the front of the truck. If timed incorrectly at a busy intersection, this could cause a major pile-up.

As if driving a truck wasn’t a challenge enough given the vehicle’s size and weight, negligent truck drivers are often the primary reason truck accidents take place. Because truck driving often involves long hours and thousands of miles, distracted and fatigued driving are common causes of truck accidents. These factors, coupled with speeding and potentially failing to account for poor weather conditions or visibility can make for a recipe for disaster.

Can Trucking Companies Be Liable After a Maryland Truck Accident?

Yes, trucking companies that hire truck drivers can be liable in some truck accident cases. For example, these companies sometimes engage in negligent hiring and fail to check on a truck driver’s credentials or experience before bringing them on board. Sometimes, even after hiring them, they let their drivers operate their trucks without proper training.

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