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Taking into account the number and variety of commercial vehicles on the road today, it makes one wonder if there aren’t more large trucks than passenger cars out there. With a variety of delivery vehicles — including UPS, FedEx, U.S. Postal vans and large cross-country 18-wheelers, plus numerous box trucks carrying anything from car parts and home goods to soft drinks and floral arrangements — Maryland motorists are in constant proximity to these larger commercial trucks.

As Baltimore automobile, truck and motorcycle accident attorneys, as well as Washington, D.C., personal injury lawyers, we can only hope that professional drivers (those carrying a commercial driver’s license) are always vigilant and aware of other, smaller vehicles on the road. Of course, as much as anyone wishes that car and truck accidents would not occur, they do happen with great frequency, sometimes with fatal results.

Because of the size and weight disparity between passenger cars and commercial trucks, accidents between these two groups of vehicles can be more severe — at least for the occupants of the smaller vehicle — than in accidents between two sedans, minivans or sport utility vehicles (SUVs).

Even more diminutive commercial trucks can pose a real danger to drivers and passengers of light vehicles. Though not as large as a semi tractor-trailer rig, a commercial dump truck when fully loaded can have a substantial weight advantage over a smaller motor vehicle. In the case of a collision, a dump truck can sometimes crush a sedan or economy car, depending of course on the speed, road conditions and other accident-related factors.

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Statewide, communities gain so much from those dedicated and involved individuals that contribute much of their time and energy to the growth and development of our young people. Unfortunately, when we lose one of these leaders the entire community grieves. When someone who has played a part in so many lives is injured, our hearts go out to them, their family and their community.

As personal injury attorneys, I and my colleagues can appreciate the sincere sadness that a car or trucking-related accident can bring to a family whose loved one is seriously injured in a car crash for no apparent reason. While a traffic accident can tragically ruin the life of a single individual, families must go on and try their lives as best they can. Communities, too, must also bear with the incident, trying to deal with the emotional scars and hoping to see that individual back on a path to better health.

A while back, a track coach from Francis Scott Key High School was injured in an unfortunate trucking-related crash. According to news reports, the vehicle that Timothy Walsh was driving was hit almost head-on by a dump truck during the early morning rush hour in Carroll County.

Maryland truck accident litigators recently read about a truck accident on Davis Drive in Apex, North Carolina that could be repeated on some of Maryland’s smaller roads.

Earlier this week, a dump truck driving down a narrow two lane road that lacked a shoulder, overturned and landed on top of a Honda Civic. The driver of the Civic, Kara Walden Benton, was seriously injured and was flown from the scene to an area hospital. The passenger, Mrs. Benton’s husband, 26 year-old Chad Benton, was less seriously injured.

The driver of the dump truck told investigators that another driver forced the dump truck off the road and onto the grass. According the dump truck driver, his truck overturned when he attempted to get back onto the solid roadway. Other drivers and area residents believe that the lack of a shoulder on Davis Drive poses a safety concern and was the likely cause of this accident. The two lane road is lined by grassy ditches on both sides and if a vehicle’s wheel leaves the roadway, the driver may lose tire traction and be unable to control the automobile. According to residents in the area, this is not the first time the narrow nature of the road has caused accidents. Wake County officials, however, have no plans to widen the road to provide a better shoulder.

Maryland, particularly in rural areas, has a number of narrow roads similar to Davis Drive. Drivers, particularly those in large trucks, have little or no room for error while traveling on these narrow roads and could easily cause similar accidents. Maryland truck accident attorneys suggest that our readers pay close attention when driving near large vehicles on narrow roads particularly in poor weather conditions. A truck whose tire leaves a solid roadway and hit softer earth is susceptible to losing control, and due to its high center of gravity, may overturn, putting drivers near it at risk for serious injury.

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In Jefferson, Maryland, 17-year-old Kaitlyn Wilson died early this morning from injuries she sustained in a two-vehicle crash with a Maryland State Highway Administration dump truck. The driver of the Honda Civic that Wilson was riding in is alive, but listed in serious condition.

The deadly truck accident occurred at the intersection of Holter Road and Md. 180. According to Maryland State Police, the Civic was headed north on Holter Road while the truck was moving east on Md. 180 at a constant speed. The two-vehicle crash occurred at the intersection.

According to Jefferson Volunteer Fire Company Chief Jimmy Lakin, the truck had landed on top of the truck. Firefighters had to cut two of the accident victims from the wreckage.

Wilson and the driver of the Honda were flown to Baltimore and treated at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center. The truck driver and his passenger were taken to Frederick Memorial Hospital, where they were treated for non-life threatening injuries and later released.

According to a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Study:

• Dump trucks are involved in 16% of large truck accidents.
• Van trucks are involved in 46% of large truck crashes.

• 15% of large truck collisions involve flatbed trucks.

Dump trucks are extremely large trucks that can cause serious injuries to victims during motor vehicle collisions. In many cases, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and the occupants of passenger cars are the ones more likely to get hurt than the occupants of large trucks when these traffic accidents occur.

If you have been injured in a large truck crash, it is important that you seek medical help right away. In certain instances, symptoms of internal injuries may not reveal themselves until later.

Teen identified in fatal crash as Middletown High student, Frederick News, November 6, 2008
One Victim Dies in Hospital, Driver Still In Serious Condition,, November 6, 2008
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