Maryland Car Accidents Involving Snow Plows

As winter weather descends upon Maryland, residents can expect to see more and more weather-related accidents. Some of these accidents involve snow plows. Just this week, Maryland and the entire Northeast received many inches of snow, leading to a need for plows to clear roads and walkways. But, like any time one operates a vehicle, there is always a risk of an a Maryland accident when using snowplows.

For example, just last week, a nurse was killed in a snow plow accident at a hospital. According to a local news report covering the tragedy, the nurse walked up behind a vehicle plowing snow as the operator of the vehicle was backing up. The nurse was struck and ultimately died from the crash. This tragic story is just one example of how snow plowing may lead to increased accidents, yet another concern of wintery weather accidents in Maryland.

Are Snowplow Accidents Common?

Although snow plow accidents may seem like a somewhat unique occurrence, that isn’t necessarily the case given the limited amount of time they are on the road. Snow plows operate during some of the most dangerous weather conditions, and drivers must always be on alert. Those injured in such an accident can file a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent party in just the same way that those injured in more typical Maryland truck or bus accidents can. These personal injury lawsuits can provide important financial recovery for the injured and/or their families, allowing them to pay off medical bills or deal with lost wages without fear of bankruptcy.

To be successful in these lawsuits, a plaintiff must prove four things. We can walk through them using the example above, although the exact details of the accident are not known at this point. Still, the deceased nurse’s family may want to file a lawsuit against the operator of the snow plow. To do so successfully, they must first prove that the defendant owed a duty of care to the plaintiff. Generally, those operating snow plows in public areas owe a duty of care to others to be reasonably careful and take reasonable precautions to avoid harming others. After proving this, the plaintiffs must prove that the defendant breached this duty. Perhaps an investigation of the incident showed that the defendant did not check behind him when backing up, or his lights were not working such that the nurse could not know he was backing up until it was too late. Facts such as this may be used to prove a breach. Third, the plaintiffs will need to show that the defendant’s breach actually caused the accident—that his actions led to him hitting the nurse. And finally, the plaintiffs will need to prove that real harm was suffered as a result. While these four steps may seem straightforward, the defendant will be countering the plaintiffs’ arguments and evidence at every step of the way, so Maryland families might find that working with a personal injury attorney to prove their case helps them maximize their chances of success.

Are You Suffering in the Aftermath of a Maryland Truck or Snow Plow Accident?

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