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Last week, Maryland experienced one of the biggest storms the state’s seen in years. While the snow was a welcome sight for some, for those who had to drive in the snow, it also presented some very serious dangers. In fact, according to a recent news report, three people were killed in a Maryland snowplow accident in Montgomery County.

Evidently, the collision occurred around 6:45 p.m. on Columbia Pike at Briggs Chaney Road in the White Oak/Burtonsville area, near the Burtonsville Volunteer Fire Department Station. While the details surrounding the accident are sparse, authorities told reporters that three people were killed and a fourth was taken to the hospital. An investigation is ongoing, and police have not yet determined who was at fault for the fatal accident.

Snowplows present an obvious hazard for anyone driving during inclement weather conditions. While snowplows often drive at slow speeds, they can also be unpredictable. Snowplow drivers also have a difficult time seeing other motorists and may inadvertently cause an accident. Thus, drivers must constantly be on alert when driving around these vehicles.

As winter weather descends upon Maryland, residents can expect to see more and more weather-related accidents. Some of these accidents involve snow plows. Just this week, Maryland and the entire Northeast received many inches of snow, leading to a need for plows to clear roads and walkways. But, like any time one operates a vehicle, there is always a risk of an a Maryland accident when using snowplows.

For example, just last week, a nurse was killed in a snow plow accident at a hospital. According to a local news report covering the tragedy, the nurse walked up behind a vehicle plowing snow as the operator of the vehicle was backing up. The nurse was struck and ultimately died from the crash. This tragic story is just one example of how snow plowing may lead to increased accidents, yet another concern of wintery weather accidents in Maryland.

Are Snowplow Accidents Common?

Although snow plow accidents may seem like a somewhat unique occurrence, that isn’t necessarily the case given the limited amount of time they are on the road. Snow plows operate during some of the most dangerous weather conditions, and drivers must always be on alert. Those injured in such an accident can file a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent party in just the same way that those injured in more typical Maryland truck or bus accidents can. These personal injury lawsuits can provide important financial recovery for the injured and/or their families, allowing them to pay off medical bills or deal with lost wages without fear of bankruptcy.

Low visibility and big trucks don’t mix. With their heavy weight, increased stopping distance, and unwieldy controls, drivers need to be exceptionally attentive when driving in wintry conditions. This is especially the case for snow plow drivers, who, more than other truck drivers, travel on smaller roads through neighborhoods and near schools. In fact, most of us have seen the damage that a snow plow can do, often to a parked car or an unlucky resident’s mailbox.

However, not all snow plow accidents involve stationary objects. Sometimes snow plow drivers don’t see occupied vehicles or even pedestrians while on their route. In these cases, the victims of a snow plow driver’s negligence may suffer a serious injury or worse.

Of course, pedestrians and other motorists should also be safe by keeping an eye out for snow plows and maintaining a safe distance. However, there is only so much that a motorist on their way to work or a child on their way to school can do. In cases in which a snow plow driver fails to take reasonable precautions and causes a serious or fatal accident, that driver as well as the company or municipality that employs them may be held liable for any injuries suffered as a result.

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